5 Great Tips to Get – and Stay – Healthy this Holiday Season

December 2, 2015

5 Great Tips to Get – and Stay – Healthy this Holiday Season


5 Great Tips to Get – and Stay – Healthy this Holiday Season

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The holidays are perhaps the most challenging period each year for your body, mind and overall health. November through mid-January not only is stressful; it also is the time when the weather changes for good to cooler and even cold, taxing your body system further. This is the season when getting and staying healthy is paramount. Too often we see someone, either slowly or quickly, fading out from too much shopping, worry (about work, family, relationships, etc.), or from just doing too much. Not taking excellent care for yourself this time of year is ill-advised.

A healthy holiday season means ensuring you get proper and consistent exercise; setting aside “me” or “mental health” time; and of course sticking with a diet full of vitamins, nutrients and energy-providing protein. This time of year, any one of your body systems can be taxed to the maximum, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. A breakdown of any one of them can result in missed work time, mental fogginess, or even visits to the doctor or hospital – adding to the overall stress. Why even chance it? Adjusting your diet is your own personal insurance that you will get through the holidays healthy and happy.

5 iconWith that, here are five wonderful tips to get, and stay, healthy over the holiday season 2015-2016.

  • Nano Greens. This green powder drink is wonderful and should be consumed each day through these cold months. One of the product’s taglines is that it is “truly a powerhouse of nutrition and wellness, made easy.” That last part is important, because even though we know we need to consume dark, leafy greens for our health, it’s not always possible both in terms of eating enough vegetables and fruit, and affording it. Health experts suggest at least seven to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, to increase energy, relieve inflammation, reduce allergy symptoms, bolster the immune system and much more.
  • Probiotics. Seek the kind in the market’s refrigerated section. They help greatly with your intestinal health, which then affects your overall health. A probiotic is a micro-organism introduced into the body for its beneficial qualities. Among the bacteria inside your intestines, most are good but the bad ones secrete toxins and promote disease. With everything going on over the holidays, the last thing you want is something like irritable bowel syndrome, or simply running out of energy for an unknown reason.
  • Warm and Cooked Foods. Think squashes, soups, brown rice. It’s pretty straightforward considering how much you can warm up when eating a hot dish. Soups are a staple of fall and winter months, and other types of warm and cooked foods can keep away the chills, while supplementing the vitamins and nutrients you should already be consuming.
  • Seasonal-Appropriate. Back off of the bananas, mangos, papaya. Tropical fruit is for hot and humid climates, where they are genetically designed for. When it’s cold and rainy, the body needs more warming foods. Trust us on this one. Perhaps try it out and let us know if you feel the difference!
  • Multi-Vitamins. This is a healthy-holiday must, especially for giving your immune system a hand, with B vitamins and consistent doses of Vitamin C.
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