Cooking for Candida

Cooking for Candida – An Online Cooking Course

Learn everything you need to know to cook healthy and delicious meals for a Candida Diet in this comprehensive on-line cooking course.

Here’s sneak peek of what you’ll learn: 

Going Gluten-Free:
What is Gluten and Where is it Found
Gluten-Free grains
Gluten-free recipesGrain-free recipes

Using Fresh Vegetables
Which vegetables to eat and avoid
What are nightshade vegetables
How to work with kale
How to make collard green wraps
How to work with root vegetables
How to make delicious creamy soups

Animal Protein:
How to prepare beef, chicken and fish
How to make gluten and dairy-free meatballs
How to make grain free tacos

Beans and Legumes:
How to prepare beans and legumes from scratch
How to make bean based tacos
How to make quick and flavorful lentil soup

How to Substitute Dairy:
Where is dairy hidden
How to make non-dairy milk
How to make non-dairy cheese and sauces
Dairy-free dressings

Breakfast Suggestions:
How to make gluten-free pancakes
Using teff and amaranth to make a porridge
Eggs over easy
Coffee alternatives

Snacks, Dips and Sauces:
Avocado and cucumber salad
How to make vegetable nori rolls
Homemake ketchup and mayonnaise
How to make diary free pesto

What sugars to eat and avoid
How to make sugar-free desserts
How to bake with stevia and xylitol
How to make an egg substitute for egg free baking

Bringing it all Together
Tips on planning a meal
Tips on meal prepping
One week candida diet meal plan