Candida Diet Supplements

Below are our favorite Candida Diet Supplements that we know, use, and love!

Mary Ruth’s Organic Liquid Probiotics
Mary Ruth’s Organic Morning Liquid Multivitamin
Mary Ruth’s Vegan Iodine
Mary Ruth’s Vegan Liquid Vitamin D3
Solgar Vitamin D3
Mary Ruth’s Organic Liquid B12
Solaray Vitamin B12
Nordic Naturals Omega D3 Cod Liver Oil
Calm – Calcium/Magnesium Supplement
Pure – Leaky Gut Defense

Below are some detoxing suggestions:

For a comprehensive and printable list of foods to Eat and Avoid, please see the link below:

Foods to Eat and Avoid on a Candida Diet


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Be sure to check out our One Week Candida Diet Meal Plan. One week’s worth of menu planning, including mouth watering recipes and even grocery lists! We created this meal plan to help take out as much of the guess work as possible for you!

One week vegan meal plan